Chiropractor / Clinic Director

Bachelor of Chiropractic, New Zealand College of Chiropractic (New Zealand)
Registered Member of New Zealand Chiropractic Association

Registered Member of New Zealand College of Chiropractic Alumni Association

Dr. Alex Kang was introduced to chiropractic care while accompanying his mother to a local chiropractor due to her lower back pain. He was skeptical at first, but seeing the dramatic improvements of his mother’s health, he soon realized the importance of spinal health. He eventually decided to become a chiropractor himself and obtained his Bachelor of Chiropractic from the New Zealand College of Chiropractic (New Zealand). After graduating, Dr. Alex practiced around New Zealand and Australia before finally settling down in Singapore. He has been part of Chirokare Spine and Nerve Clinic since 2015 and has been loving the journey so far.

Alex not only enjoys but is dedicated to helping people of all ages and fitness levels through chiropractic care. He knows for a fact that optimal health is reached from within, and that is what he endeavors to achieve with every single client he meets.

Our Mission


Effective Care

We strive to provide the most effective Chiropractic care with excellent treatment results. We are committed to bring each and every patient to optimal health within the shortest possible time.


Dedication and Professionalism

We are dedicated to provide the most personalized care for your every visit. Your every visit involves a review on the treatment you've done the previous round, discussion on any additional health problems on top of your regular treatment.


Patient Satisfaction

We strive to make you feel at home during your every visit and make sure every single footstep you take in our clinic is a pleasant one. Patient satisfaction is our utmost important principle. We welcome all feedback to better improve your visit.

About ChiroKare

Established since 2012, ChiroKare has helped tens of thousands of patients rid of aches, pains and other health issues. We are a leader in the Chiropractic industry, providing high standards of Chiropractic Care with effective results. We focus on dedicated and personalized visits as opposed to quick and commercialized treatments. All our adjustment and treatment sessions are aimed at providing delicate and dedicated care for your every visit. We believe that effective Chiropractic care stems from both dedicated communication and well-honed Chiropractic techniques.

ChiroKare also uses the latest technological equipment and instruments to complement the Chiropractic adjustments to better enhance your health and speed up your recovery.

We are committed to excellent & complete patient care